Direct to Garment Printing

Our Brother Direct to Garment (DTG) printer uses water-based inks specifically designed for fabric. It’s similar to fabric paints used for fabric painting, but has far superior results. This DTG printer is extremely precise, making it able to print images with much higher detail than traditionally available to screen printing. And you’re not limited with your colour choices.

Advantages of Direct to Garment Printing

With DTG Printing there are no screen set-up’s, tear-down, clean-up of screens and squeegees, or colour separation expenses. The ink our DTG uses is a pigment that soaks right into the fibers – unlike plastisol. The fabrics are heat pressed to cure the print, which sets colour fastness. Digital printing is typically turned around in less than 24 working hours without any rush charges.

  • Print designs from our computer directly onto a textile
  • There are minimal set up fees
  • We can process large or small runs
  • We can print with full colour
  • Prints vibrant Digital Photos
  • 100 % cotton content provides for best results
  • Can print on 50/50 Cotton / Polyester fabric
  • Large range of printable garments available in store
  • 100 % eco friendly

We can print on almost anything as long it is at least 50% and preferably 100% cotton, can be laid flat and with a thickness no greater than approx 8mm. Maximum printing area is 350mm (14″) wide x 400 mm (16″) high.

What File Format should I use for Direct to Garment printing?

Artwork should be of medium to hi resolution. A 200 dpi minimum applies, but it will look better at 300 dpi. Please be aware that the majority of images that you find on the internet are 72 dpi and are far too low a resolution to be suitable for printing. Unless you’re into blobs. We prefer the artwork to be in any of the following formats; CorelDraw, PDF, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. We can use most file types, but prefer EPS, PDF, PNG or Hi Res JPEG, with a transparent background to get the best result.



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