The ink used in screen printing is applied much thicker than digital printing, which results in brighter, longer lasting colors, even on darker shirts.

  • We use top quality Plastisol ink, which is easily the most durable ink around.
  • Plastisol ink will hold a brightly coloured image for many years when cared for properly.
  • Plastisol is a very hard wearing and wont crack or fade over time, even in the wash.
  • Most fabrics can be printed on, however, there are some limitations.
  • Zips and heavy seams are not really suitable for printing over.
  • If you are printing bright colours onto dark garments you may also need a white undercoat.

What is screen-printing

What is screen-printing The screen is made of a porous, finely woven polyester fabric that is stretched to a wooden frame. A stencil of the design is created from a non-permeable material and added to the screen. This creates a negative area on the screen, leaving the design area porous. This allows the ink flow through onto the fabric. The screen is placed over the garment, such as a t-shirt, hoodie, apron or bag. The ink is placed on the screen and is spread by using a rubber bladed squeegee. The squeegee forces the ink through the mesh of the screen and onto the chosen surface. Once the screen is lifted, you will see the newly created image beneath it. When printing a multiple colour design, each color is applied using a separate screen, one at a time, combining to achieve the final look. The more colors a design has, means more screens are needed which results in longer setup and cleaning times.

What format can I use?

Just about all artwork formats are workable, but some are better than others. Some formats will need to be redrawn and there may be a fee associated.

Minimum Quantities

Due to the larger setup and tear down costs involved in screen-printing, the more shirts you order, the lower your price will be as you pass price break points. We operate on a minimum run of 20 prints. We have a large range of apparel choices in-store. We are also happy for you to provide your own garments, however, while we do take all care, we can accept no responsibility for ink adherence failure, due to possible fabric coatings or other contaminants.



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