Sublimated Teamwear

Your team colours including crests, logos, sponsors, numbers and names can all be sublimated into the fabric right at the point of design and layout. Also available are personalized options which can make your team totally unique and stand out on the field or court from your opponents at minimal additional costs.

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What is Sublimation?

Dye Sublimation is the method of applying an image to polyester cloth, using three main ingredients: sublimation ink, heat and pressure. Sublimation is not suitable for printing high cotton content shirts. We offer the very latest high tech digital sublimation printing. This is a thermal dyeing process dyeing the fabric. One of the unique qualities is that your numbers, individual names and logos can be dyed into the fabric and because it’s digital it does not matter how many colours you use. This digital process ensures that all colours are bright, vibrant and colour fast.

What is Sublimation Fabric?

Any fabric having a polymeric cellular structure, i.e. polyester fabric, is suitable for sublimation. The fabric is printed with a sublimated dye and when it is processed by heat treatment it makes the dye convert into a gaseous form. The heat also causes the fabrics polymer’s cells to open and expand, so the gaseous dye bonds to the cells. Once this process has taken place, the fabric cools, the cells close, and the colour is permanently locked into the fabric.

  • 100% Breathable Polyester
  • Durable (soft to touch but very hard wearing)
  • Soft handle (Sports performance)
  • The toughest sports uniform
  • The most comfortable leisure wear

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