Vinyl Cutting & Heat Pressing

Vinyl Cutting & Heat Pressing is a cost effective, high quality option for the application of logos, advertising, and business names on a wide range of smooth surfaces. Vinyl is cheaper then screen-printing and easy to add to both dark and light garments. It can be used on other items of clothing such as hats, hoodies and much more. Cut Vinyl printing is ideal for small T-Shirt runs, work-wear and sports clothing such as rugby jerseys, where you need names, numbers and logos.

  • Large range of colours and different styles of vinyl
  • Works on almost all fabric materials
  • Beautiful full colour quality
  • Can print digital photos on solid vinyl cuts
  • Works on any colour fabric
  • Large range of printable garments available

Vinyl Cut Printing

Vinyl cutting and heat pressing is as durable as screen printing and has the same look and feel. It enables one or two colour designs and logos to be printed very quickly and is a great option for names and numbers on sports clothing, such as rugby jerseys or basketball uniforms. The vinyl is heat-transferred onto the t-shirt or garment, so some fabrics are not suitable for this method, due to their low heat tolerance.

  • Suitable for most fabrics 100% cotton to 100% synthetic
  • Perfect for player names, numbers and logos on team wear
  • Highly durable and ideal for stretchy material
  • Available in many different colours and patterns

Digital Transfer Printing

Digital Printing uses the latest in dry-ink technology. This advanced process delivers bold, eye-catching images. A transfer is digitally printed with a special carrier paper and inks. When heat pressed the transfer inks are passed over to and fuse with the garment. Some fabrics are not suitable for this method, due to their low heat tolerance.

  • Can be applied to most fabrics and any colour
  • Highly durable and ideal for stretchy material
  • Full colour prints onto light or dark garments
  • Suitable for most fabrics from 100% cotton to 100% synthetic

Cold Press Adhesive Fabric Printing

Ideal for items and garments which are not able to be heat pressed, or non flat items such as sports shoes, golf bags etc.

  • Lettering for team uniforms
  • Designs for company logo on shirt sleeves
  • Designs on drawstring backpacks, sports bags, umbrellas, stickers and labels etc.

CAD Cut Vinyl Signage / Sign Writing

CAD (Computer Aided Design) cut sign vinyl is the ideal graphic application to add to any window, including automotive windows. These signs are super accurately cut by using a CAD vinyl cutter. This makes perfect and consistent lettering for signs. Suitable for footpath signs, for sale signs, real estate signs, safety signs etc.

  • Business Days & Hours
  • Phone and Website details
  • Work site safety signs
  • Parking signs
  • Real Estate signage
  • Turn a company vehicle into moving billboard

Our goal is to provide our clients with vinyl signs that they will love and be proud to display.



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